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Manage visitor registrations and check-ins.
Supports Cloud and On-Premise Software for Enterprises.
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Take total control of your event. With SPLAN Event Management System, it is an effective, efficient and easy way to manage your events.

With our online registration module, you create a simplified and secure way register and collect payments online allowing you to focus on the more difficult aspects of organising your event. Our self service kiosks welcomes attendees and allows them to check themselves in to your event. Whether it’s a small luncheon gathering or a large conference, SPLAN Event Management has you covered! With our ability to register on the event day attendees you never lose out a potential client.


Event Registration

Flexible online registration form. Ability to customise website registration. Keep track of all your attendees with data displayed clearly and accessible at any time. Benefit from email marketing and social media tools. Buy in reasonable size batches, use for multiple events.

Online Registration

Pre-registration through online web interface or mobile application, onsite registration for Event Staff and Guests. As soon as Guests are registered, system will trigger the workflow to complete the event registration and notifications to all appropriate people. Pre-print badges before, or as soon as Guests arrive at the Event. Integration with Eventbrite and import/export tool can simplify registration process.

Flexible Configuration

Allow Event Planners to customise and configure new registration forms, badge layouts, check-in methods, reports, notification templates, branding etc without much technical help. Event coordinates love the Mobile App because it helps them manage any size of the events with smile.

Email/SMS Notification

Provides an automated way of communication by sending sms/email notifications to guests for their Check-In. Notifications also can be sent to selected or all guests in case of emergency or event specific announcements.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages to event visitors during the event. Keep them informed of upcoming talks, meeting groups and even luncheon locations. Engage external audience with social media capabilities during conferences.

Self Service Kiosk

Guests can easily Check-In at the lobby using self-service Kiosk, QR Code, RFID Badges. Accepts walk ins at the door. No more turning people away for your event as registration never closes. With the self service kiosk, you can also manage your crowd by strategically placing the kiosk to facilitate movement.

Different Authentication Types

Splan Event Management is able to support a variety of authentication types; QR Code, Key Tags, RFID Tags, NFC Identity Cards, Badges, Biometric and Pin login ins.

Badge Printing

Print badges and wristbands on-site as your guests check-in, saving time and money. No more pre-printing and organizing cluttered boxes of name badges!

Mobile App/Remote Access

MobileApp enables Event Staff to register guests, manage check-in at the reception to improve the guest experience. Remote access UI for administrators to manage events

Reports & Dashboard

Out-of-box reports enables Event Organizers to manage events more efficiently and optimize operations based on historical data. Report designer will help you create and customize the reports you need without much technical help.

Cloud & Low TCO

Your event attendee information is kept private and secure. With Trust & Safety as Splan’s key priority, data is encrypted at all times including during transfers.

Eventbrite Integration

You can seamlessly integrate with Eventbrite or import events and guests information to allow guests to print the badges and check-in themselves.

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  • Standard

  • $700 (for the first min 500) thereafter;
    $140 for every 100 increment

  • USD
  •   First batch is at the minimum attendee amount of 500, and thereafter, in batches of 100 increments.
  •   Valid for multiple events
  •   No expiration of attendee purchase
  •   Hardware not included
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Choose Your Hardware or Buy Your Own

All great systems require some hardware.

At SmartNet, we have scouted the global market for hardware options for your consideration. There will be some hardware that is required on an absolute basic minimum that we would recommend you have and then we have also included the more posh and grand looking designs that we have found which you may like should your budget allow for it.

We have checked for functionality and quality for all our recommendations but we prefer to leave you to decide how swanky you would like them and work within those budgets and also within your needs

Hands on, personal and collaborative. At SmartNet IT, we look to partner with you in making your business smoother and easier. That means, working with us, you get our 100% attention and accountability in ensuring the products meet your needs.

We don’t just sell you the product, we check in with you often, ensure that the Splan product meets your needs and tweak them ever so often to ensure they continually improve.

When you sign up with SmartNet IT, know you’ll not only get an awesome product, but also SmartNet IT's attention to service.

Flexible & Modern Design

Easy to use, configurable, self-service KIOSK, Mobile Apps enable to customize for your business needs.

Cost Effective

Very affordable and cloud based subscription allows you to cut down the cost significantly.

Integrated Platform

One solution for managing Visitors, Events, School Check-In and Tracking.

Excellent Support

Highly talented, dedicated, passionate support engineers are commited to your success. 24/7 support, proactive monitoring and support gives you peace of mind.